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Chewy Roo
Chewy Roo

Chewy Roo

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100% Australian Kangaroo Chews

All of our treats are made with 100% meat in Queensland using the unique Nutrieseal™ process to dehydrate pure lean meat at low temperatures and humidity.

There is no other treat that has our qualities for nutrition, flavour and aroma. Absolutely nothing added, no additives, preservatives, salt, sugar, colouring or binding agents.  

Due to the exclusive Nutrieseal™ process, our roo does not lose nutrition & flavour.  The Nutrieseal™ process does not slow dry or cook, it is pure moisture extraction. Kangaroo has up to 5 times the level of omega-6 fatty acid as compared to other meats. Promotes anti-inflammatory properties & enhances immunity. Roo is high in protein, iron and zinc. Chewy Roo is a great longer lasting, teeth cleaning treat. 

We recommend you supervise your pet whilst they have any form of bone/treat.